Digital Marketing Trends

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a consumer with a desire to purchase something, will be searching for it online.

This is even more true in our current Covid-19 world, where online shopping is booming, and many retailers have had to quickly pivot by launching an eCommerce store to stay in business.

So, the question becomes, how do you stand out in the increasingly crowded digital shopping space? How do people find you and how do they decide to purchase from you over your competitors?

Content Marketing

You’ve probably heard that CONTENT IS KING.

Lockdowns all around the world have meant that people have been spending more and more time on social media, and this provides a perfect opportunity for brands to up their social game with fresh and engaging content, including ephemeral content like Facebook stories.

However, content is not just for social channels; blogging, email marketing, marketing automation, SEO are also important elements of your marketing game.

Video is and will continue to dominate the internet, which is why you must be producing video. Not only is video a highly preferred format of information consumption, but it can also be used in various ways, such as helping with your SEO and link building. Longer videos can also be cut into smaller clips and reused on many platforms, which makes it a great investment.

And remember that the emergence of voice search provides the perfect opportunity to write comprehensive content that covers long-tail queries. Storytelling, education, and Q&A features can provide the long-form content that Alexa and Google Home can parse to answer consumer questions.

Content Calendars

Of course, marketers know how valuable it is to create a content calendar to make sure your messaging and imagery is consistent across all channels at the same time. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, you can sketch out general themes by week and then drop images, blogs, posts, ads, videos etc. into a folder so that it’s available to post at the appropriate time. This allows you to create evergreen content that can be used any time as well as timely information, such as holiday deals, specials, images and more.