Why Do I Need A Digital Audit?

Auditing your current digital footprint can provide tremendous insight into how your audience finds you, how they interact with you online and what they say about you. This crucial process delivers actionable information that can guide future marketing strategy and execution.

A digital marketing audit evaluates your company’s entire digital ecosystem, including your website, social channels, analytics, backlinks and rankings. The results of your digital audit enable us, in partnership with you, to craft creative and informative marketing strategies that amplify your connection with your audience, delivering timely, useful and fun content directly to your people, wherever they are.

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Brand Strategy. Define Your Message and Tell the World.

Creating your brand strategy starts with defining your product or service, your audience, your pricing, and your distribution channels. Once you know what you are offering and who your people are, it’s important to craft messaging that tells them how you can solve their problem or give them just what they want.

This takes a lot of planning and thought. Wildcat Digital works with you to take what you already know about your brand and refine it so that the message is clear and engaging.

Create your Digital Ecosystem.

Setting up the marketing tools needed to create a robust digital footprint can be intimidating.

Designing a responsive website, figuring out what social channels make sense, creating email capture forms, setting up your Google Analytics and Search Console, and optimizing your website for organic SEO all take time, design expertise, technological know-how and an understanding of Google tools. At Wildcat Digital, we know all the steps that we need to take to set your business up for success in the digital world.

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Rank Your Local Business. Local SEO and Paid Search.

Search engine marketing is a valuable tool to use in coordination with organic and local SEO efforts. We know increasing search engine rankings is a long process, but we also understand how it works and what it takes to be successful. Let us show you!

Properly setting up and managing local listings is critical in these days of searching “near me.” It’s also extremely time consuming to do manually. However, the backlinks that result from correctly populated listings create value not just for the people trying to find your location, but also for the health of your digital footprint. Paying attention to this often neglected method of driving traffic to your website and social channels can directly impact sales and drive positive ROI.

Reach Thousands Of Visitors

Let us help you find your people and talk to them in their language, wherever they are.